Silver Bullet Mouse Trap is an innovative startup that was born from the current mouse crisis that is plaguing New South Wales, Australia.

The area is currently under a public health and agricultural attack, due to the MILLIONS of mice ravaging everything in their path, and we wanted to contribute a worthwhile solution.

The media said that there was ‘no silver bullet’ solution, but we know that this is simply not true.

We are here to fix the problem quickly and efficiently; there is no time to waste!

Our dedicated Melbourne Based team is able to produce bulk amounts of high-quality mouse traps at will.

We say no to harsh chemical poisons, and yes to eco-friendly and reusable traps (that actually work)!

The Silver Bullet Mousetrap is the only option available that will actually control the Mouse Plague.

Join our many other satisfied customers, and let’s end this mouse outbreak together!

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