When you’re trying to bait mice into traps, forget the cartoons that we watched as a kid!

Skip the cheese because what mice really love are peanut butter and peanut oil!

They catch a whiff of this tantalizing fragrance from very far and they won’t be able to RESIST!

That’s right!

Just like us humans, mice love carbs and it makes sense if you’re an animal in the wild to get as many calories as you can since they don’t know when they will get to eat again.

They’ll love you for it!

Sweet or high-carb fatty foods are the favorites for these rodents, so peanut butter is the perfect MOUSE BAIT!

For irresistible bait with our Silver Bullet Mouse Trap, USE:

– Half a jar of peanut butter and spread it underneath the lid.

– 1 x teaspoon peanut butter at the end of the trap.

– 250ml peanut oil on top of the water in the trap

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