Ready To Let Those Pesky Mice Take The Plunge?

Good! But make sure that you do it right the FIRST time!

Yes, if you are a farmer with a large area of land, we recommend you to buy multiple traps to be distributed across your property.

The more traps you have the faster you are able to ‘clean house’ and get rid of the horrible mice infestation that’s plaguing your home and crops.

How many traps should you get to protect your assets and your family’s well-being?

If you are buying for personal use, we recommend buying 4x traps or more for starters.

This is because you can save more when you buy in bulk! Not only will you have enough to ensure that your mouse problems are completely FLUSHED, you can also buy them as gifts for your friends or your close family members.

They’ll love you for it!

Or if you are a farmer with tons of land to protect, we recommend going for 10 traps or more to start with. Especially if you have a lot of land & crops

If you wish to ‘mice-proof’ your precious crops… go for 50 traps or more! We guarantee you’ll be able to stop those irritating mice from even having the chance to breed!

The more traps you set… the faster you’ll win the battle!

Love Your Community?

Awesome… help protect your town and buy extra traps to protect the power lines. Work together with your neighbors and community members to eliminate the Mouse Threat for good in your entire neighborhood!

It’s Time to Protect Your Beloved Home and Rural Income.

Take Advantage Of Our ‘Bulk Order Deals’ Below
And SAVE BIG Today!

Special Bulk Deal #1

Save $40 for every trap when you order 2 or MORE (Only $119 – Usually $159 per trap)

Special Bulk Deal #2

Save $59 for every trap when you order 10+ or MORE (Only $99 – Usually $159 per trap)

Plus, get free shipping Australia Wide (3 – 21 Business Days)

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