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Why Silver Bullet Is The Best Mouse Trap There Is ? When we designed the “Silver Bullet MouseTrap”, we ensured every aspect works like gangbusters to keep your home safe from what seems to be an endless OCEAN of multiplying rodents.     These mice are so persistent and they thrive in numbers so we have to come up with something drastic to solve the mouse plague problem without any disastrous chemicals that harm everything in its path.   Silver Bullet MouseTrap is our ‘INNOVATIVE’ answer to the current mice problems.     It is the only solution that can help any mouse-infested homeowners catch THOUSANDS of mice the surefire way almost effortlessly!


  • Humanely kills over 2000+ mice before it needs to be emptied!
  • Auto-Resetting Trap. 100% Automated !
  • Made from SUPER HEAVY DUTY Plastic used for construction in the Trade Industry
  • 50 Litre Tub weighing 3.2kg when empty (Size: Width: 400mm x Height: 340mm x Length: 670 mm)
  • Geometric metal latches
  • Long Telescopic Handle
  • Padlock loop for security
  • Large High-Quality 7 inch/ 20cm Wheels for portability
  • Features an erogonomic design
  • Fast Setup In Just 5 Minutes
  • Highly Reusable – Beware Malicious And Stubborn Mice… We Are Coming For You!
  • Uses simple and irresistible Peanut Butter Bait.
  • Standalone Mechanical-Based Trap! No Power, Battery, Or Cords Needed.
  • Fully Adjustable To Catch Both Mice Or Rats.
  • Well ventilated design attracts rodents from miles away
  • 100% natural and environment friendly. No harmful chemicals or poisons are required.
  • Inspired By The #1 Mouse Trap Method In The World – The Pirate Plank!




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