One of the worst mouse epidemics in recent memory has engulfed Australia.

You can get rid of dead mice in a few different ways:

It’s got so bad, that mice have been observed biting individuals in hospital beds, a prison’s population had to be transferred after mice chewed through the facility’s electrical equipment, mice have been seen wandering around school classrooms, & farmers fear crop damage would exceed AU$1 billion.

Once you implement the Silver Bullet Mouse Trap, you will have a LOT of dead mice to dispose of.

—->>> 1. Compost:

Farmers can compost a lot of mice in a compost bin, or simply plant a garden on top of the Burial Hole your emptying the Silver Bullet MouseTrap into… The dead mice make the soil nutrient-rich & super fertile within 6 months…

—->>> 2. Stack them in Containers:

Farmers can stack their 80-litre Silver Bullet MouseTraps on top of each other… and garbage disposal can collect them.

So a farmer has the option of taking a FULL trap and stacking it away, and replacing it with a fresh Silver Bullet MouseTRAP .

This way, they can buy in bulk and stack on top of each other, and remove them ALL from the property once they have collected

ie. Garbage Collection comes to remove 30,000 mice.

—->>> 3. Use ACID:

Acid erodes teeth so that they might disintegrate a rodent over months. On the other hand, the mouse would not just vanish as it has the collagen and the soft tissue part.  Citric acid, which is present naturally in citrus fruits, is refined into a powder and applied to citrus-based soft drinks to provide them zing. This will also use to dissolve mice.

—->>> 4. Feed them to birds or native wildlife in Australia…

Cats, foxes, ferrets, weasels, mongooses, big lizards, snakes, falcons, hawks, and owls are among the tiny predators that consume house mice worldwide.

House mice try to evade predators by staying out of sight and moving quickly. Mice are a common meal for birds of prey like hawks, eagles, and owls, who hunt them down and catch them.

Non-raptor birds like the crow, heron, and blue jay will consume rodents if they come across them. Larger lizards are made to consume mice, although snakes are the primary consumers of mice. People who keep snakes as pets are aware of the snake’s fondness for a mouse meal.

However, frozen instead of living mice are frequently supplied.

Cats are known to be the mouse’s worst enemy, yet domestic cats do not always devour mice after they have finished “playing” with them. Big cats like tigers, lions, and jaguars require more substantial meals, yet they will still munch on them to keep their bellies full.

While not as closely associated with mice as felines are, canines are just as willing to consume mice to survive. Wolves, foxes, jackals, and coyotes, on the other hand, will eat your domestic dog. Ferrets kept as pets, like reptiles, should be given pre-killed mice because of their safety.

If mice are going to a feed by animals, they should go to the same site every day and place the food on the ground. The animals will eventually learn to return to that location. And they’ll be waiting for their food like pets.

Also, you can contact lizard and snake farms to offer free food.

—->>> 5. Free Food for People:

The mice are naturally preserved because they are submerged in saltwater. They could be sold to anyone who enjoys eating mice anywhere in the world. The Silver Bullet MouseTraps drown Australian wild mice in water and salt, acting as a natural preservative till you collect them for sale.

—->>> 6. Disposal to Landfill:

While it is preferable to dispose of mice in an approved landfill site because these facilities have the requisite infrastructure to manage garbage, burial on rural estates may be appropriate. If burial trenches are properly found, created, and managed, burial is typically an effective technique of disposing of huge volumes of deceased mice.


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